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Where we can collaborate?

Computer Vision

If you need to recognize any kind go objects via Camera or from the Images


If you need to forecast any kind of event or prepare the plan of anything


If you need to prepare any kind of reports, using any kind of data

Web-Application Development

If you need to develop any kind of Web-Applications

How do we work?

What kind of stages we will go through together?

1. Analytics

Analytics of the existing business process , and preparation of technical task

2. Data acquisition and preparation

We will gather existing data, and will prepare appropriate datasets 

3. Neural Network training

Based on the prepared datasets, we will train Neural Network

4. Implementation

Trained Neural Network will be implemented alongside with existing business process for the testing and feedback reasons

5. Testing and revision

Feedback acquisition and bug fix

6. Product deployment

Finished product is transmitted to the Enterprise, with all the technical Manuals

Our Projects

Smart Road Diagnostic System


Smart Rail Obstacle Detection System


Smart PPE Detection

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